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Civil Rights - Equal Protection

In re Yasmin S.

Outcome: A district court denied the adoption of a child by a same-sex couple. While Legal Director at ACLU Nebraska, Adam acted as Co-Counsel with Matthew Munderloh, Esq. to win reversal of the denial in the Nebraska Supreme Court.

Civil Rights - First Amendment

ProBLAC v. City of Omaha

Outcome:  Omaha police arrested over 100 Black Lives Matter protesters for marching after nightfall by trapping them on a bridge over Interstate 480. As Legal Director at the ACLU, Adam filed a federal lawsuit leading to the dismissal of all criminal charges alleging the protest was unlawful. The case also forced amendment of City Ordinances restricting free expression, an agreement with the Omaha Police Department restricting the use of chemicals against non-violent protesters and other relief. The case was covered by local and national media outlets.

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Criminal Trials

State v. Perry

Outcome: Adam’s Client was falsely accused of child molestation and allegedly confessed twice. When the case proceeded to a jury trial, the accuser suffered stress-induced seizures while under cross-examination.The jury returned Not Guilty verdicts after less than an hour of deliberation, and the Client was later awarded custody of his children. 

Civil Rights - Second Amendment

Fentress v. Rozeboom

Practice Area: . Outcome: A town cop arrested Adam’s Client and seized his firearms though he legally displayed them in a publicly accessible parking lot. Adam filed a federal civil rights lawsuit and successfully negotiated a cash settlement. The City later repealed the ordinance relied upon by the officer.

Civil Rights -- Fourth Amendment

Diaz v. Johnson

Outcome:  Though she was a completely innocent law-abiding citizen, a Nebraska State Patrolman arrested Adam’s Client pursuant to an arrest warrant issued based upon a misleading affidavit. After overcoming a claim of qualified immunity claim asserted by the defense, Adam negotiated a cash settlement in an amount requiring approval by the Nebraska Unicameral.

Civil Rights -- Eighth Amendment

State of Nebraska v. Mantich

Outcome:  Adam’s Client was sentenced to life without parole for his role as an accessory to a murder at the age of sixteen. Adam persuaded the Nebraska Supreme Court to vacate his Client’s sentence of life imprisonment imposed in 1993. To do so, he was required to convince the Nebraska Supreme Court that the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Miller v. Alabama would apply retroactively to all Nebraska inmates serving mandatory life sentences imposed for offenses committed as a juvenile. He did. The case resulted in re-sentencing for twenty-six people serving life sentences. Several have been released from prison.

Civil Rights - Fourth Amendment

U.S. v. Prokupek

Outcome: Adam’s Client was subjected to a traffic stop and drugs were reportedly found. In the resulting federal criminal case, Adam moved to suppress the evidence, arguing there was no basis for the traffic stop and the dog relied upon for probable cause to search the car was unreliable. Noting the officer’s poor performance on cross-examination, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit concluded there was no credible testimony justifying the stop. The case was dismissed. Adam convinced the appellate court to release his Client from federal prison prior to issuance of its ruling.

Criminal Trials

State v. Lomeli

Outcome: Following a video-recorded sexual encounter, Adam’s Client was falsely accused of sexual assault. The Client was found Not Guilty after the accuser admitted, while under Adam’s cross-examination, the sexual activity was consensual .

Civil Rights -- Fifth Amendment

U.S. v. Lampman

Outcome: United States District Judge Warren Urbom dismissed the government’s form indictment customarily used in drug conspiracy cases both in the District of Nebraska and across the country. Judge Urbom initially ordered dismissal of Indictment but later reversed the ruling.

Criminal Trials and Appeals

State v. Kula

Outcome: First Degree Murder case. The Nebraska Supreme Court reversed the conviction, for the second time, based upon improper introduction of evidence concerning the defendant’s statement to law-enforcement.


Shannon v. City of Bellevue

Outcome: The City of Bellevue imposed a lien after demolishing the Client’s building.  After a trial, the District Court of Sarpy County entered judgment holding the City acted unreasonably and arbitrarily by imposing the lien in an amount that did fairly reflect the nature of the work performed.

Bellevue businessman wins lawsuit against city hall (

Criminal Trials

State v. Gaffney

Outcome: Adam’s Client was accused of child molestation by four of his eleven children. The prosecutor offered a plea agreement of 100 years in prison. Using a nationally recognized expert, Adam proved the allegations were made after at least two of the children had undergone psychotherapy tantamount to hypnosis, rendering their testimony inadmissible. Instead of 100 years, Adam’s Client served 211 days pursuant to plea agreement.