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Reviews from Clients, Peers, and Judges

Adam is an extremely talented attorney who leaves no stone unturned. His willingness to roll up his sleeves and work as a true team leader are rare and unique in today’s society. He is a pleasure to work with and rest assured, his clients can expect to receive some of the best legal representation there is

Dan Meinke
Digital Forensic Expert

The jury found me NOT GUILTY. I am so thankful I had a real attorney who actually knew how to kick ass at trial and did not tell me to “take a deal.”

Former Client

The federal criminal defendant was represented by Adam Sipple, a lawyer who has appeared before many times. Sipple is very smart and very experienced. He is also a zealous advocate. I thanked Mr. Sipple at the conclusion of these proceedings …  Among other things, I stated: ‘I want to thank you personally. I know that you are a zealous and extremely good lawyer

Hon. Richard Kopf
United States District Judge

Adam was great at keeping us informed and focused through the entire process. We would highly recommend him for his knowledge and services

Former Client

He has appeared before me on numerous occasions. He is prepared, represents his client efficiently and shows wonderful demeanor. He is respectful of everyone in the courtroom

Anonymous Judge

Adam Sipple, J.D. is a well-trained, gifted, dedicated, and highly skilled attorney. He is a highly ethical person and deeply concerned about justice and the law. Adam and I worked together on a Science-hearing (Daubert) in a complex criminal law case. His work was 1st class, timely, highly ethical, and very successful.

Christopher Barden
Nationally Recognized Expert in psychology

I highly recommend Mr. Sipple to anyone who wants great representation and someone who cares about not only giving you the best defense but getting you back on track with your life.

Former Client

Adam Sipple represented me in a criminal defense case where I was wrongfully accused. He took my case and helped me through the process with the utmost professionalism. His tenacity in my case was impressive and timely and he was able to have the charges dropped by the prosecutor early in the case which saved me time and money. Adam truly cared about myself and my case and I will be forever thankful to him.

Former Client